Venue : Seoul

Why Seoul, Korea?
  • Easy Accessibility & Convenient Transportation
  • Comfortable Accommodations
  • Safe and Various Cultural Experience
  • Winter Olympic in Korea
  • Seoul’s IT Culture – VR/AR Experiences of Olympic
  • Good Food!
WHERE : Conference Site
  • Main Conference : Hoam Art Hall at Seoul National University, Seoul
  • Accommodation : You may make an online reservation at Hoam Faculty House
  • Special Augmented Winter Sports Session on Friday!




Hoam Art Hall (Faculty House)  

Since its inception in 1990, the Hoam Faculty House (HFH) has always stood by Seoul National University (SNU) noted for Korea’s intellectual epicenter. As SNU’s best support entity for education and research activities, it is well equipped with medium and large-sized meeting rooms for diverse conferences and events, restaurant for supply of safe and healthy food, and comfortable lodging facilities. Moreover, it runs a gallery for displaying works of notable artists, holds various concerts enjoyable for everyone, and undertakes ongoing renovations across installations and interior design, thereby evolving into a multiple cultural space where all visitors can build fond memories of their own.

Note that Hoam Faculty House is near the Nakseongdae station on subway line no. 2 (the green line).

* Please check the map:

How to get here

1) From Incheon International Airport  to  Hoam Faculty House

: Take the #6017 Airport limousine bus at the GATE 6B or 13B. Get off at the last stop “Hoam Faculty House”
Airport Bus Time Table

2) From Nakseongdae Station  to  Hoam Faculty House

: Go out to the exit number 4. Go straight and turn left at the corner of the gas station. Take the bus 02 in front of the bakery [Jean Boulagnerie (쟝 블랑제리)]. Then take off the bus at the ‘Hoam faculty house’ after about 5 minutes.
Route on Google Map


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